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A craft beer review podcast for him and her!

Beer Harmony is a podcast hosted by a real life couple that was started to help couples, friends, groups or any person in need to chose the right beer for the right event. Short enough to listen to on your way to the bottle shop or liquor store, but detailed enough to help you pick out the right beer for any occasion. And having two very different beer palates helps to give you the information you need to pick out a tasty beer.

Shannon is not a hop head in any shape or form. She's most happy with lighter beers such as pilsners and lagers and also loves a good brown ale. Sours are new adventure that Shannon is embarking on and loves to end the night on a great tasting stout.

Greg loves a good hoppy IPA but is really in search of that perfect balance of hops, malt and alcohol. In addition to IPAs and Double IPAs, he really enjoys a good Kölsch as well as a tasty brown ale. Coffee stouts are a favorite dessert of his.


The couple almost always agrees on dark, dessert beers as well as barrel-aged deliciousness such as Stickee Monkee. 

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